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Why The Parksyde?

At Parksyde, we have factored the need for togetherness from our infrastructure design upwards.

At Parksyde, we are offering a unique hybrid – privacy on the inside (residence) and togetherness on the outside (outdoors). Because we believe that the benefits arising out of friendly neighbourliness far outweigh the upside of solitude. We have consciously designed our residential property around interaction and integration. Because we believe that the most engaged communities are also the happiest; because a friendly neighbourhood is the biggest stress-buster; because the biggest child personality-builder is their large peer group.

The result: families, but really one ‘family’.

The overarching Chhattisgarh's Buoyancy

Why Raipur?

Chhattisgarh is one of the fastest growing states in India.

Which makes the state ideal in which to put down residential roots and participate in regional prosperity. (Extensive information to be provided more here)

Kachna, Even as Raipur evolves into a modern city, some of the city's pockets will grow faster.

Kachna is an excellent proxy of Raipur's future. A showpiece of the state's progressiveness and the city's modernisation. If Raipur is a city of the future, Kachna is likely lead it into a modern tomorrow.

Raipur is Chhattisgarh's crown jewel, Kachna is Raipur's prominent location and The Parksyde is Kachna's pride.

A Few Words About

What is behind ``Unbuilt`` concept?

Unbuilt; Everything that is not cement or concrete; everything that is the open sky, everything that is integrated with nature, everything that is free and unbounded, everything that therapeutic and uplifting. This distinctive ``UNBUILT `` positioning represents a daring break from the lifestyle from confined interiors plus nothing else to interior coupled with sprawling exteriors.


Customer Oriented

The distinctive Parksyde ‘Unbuilt’ value

Rich landscaping around gardens and water bodies. The balance of this ‘Built’ and ‘Unbuilt’ represents a new lifestyle.

Community – The soul of Parksyde

Parksyde offers a balanced lifestyle where the outside will be as much ‘home’ as the inside.

Why Parksyde’s blend – inside with outside

An increasing number of people recognise that leisure needs to extend beyond the phone, mall and cinema.

Parksyde’s 4 outdoors differentiators

Making it entirely possible that a resident will buy into the interiors but hardly ever want to live in it.

House Features

Property Overview

We wanted Parksyde to be the watershed of Raipur. We wanted the history of Raipur to be bifurcated into ”Before Parksyde” and “After Parksyde”. Today, we are convinced of being able to write such a history.

Part of future phases*

Amenities At The ParkSyde

  • Shopping Area*
  • Creche*
  • Swimming Pool
  • Clinic & Pharmacy
  • Clubhouse
  • Spa & Salon*
  • Gym & Activities*
  • Dry Cleaner & Boutique*
  • Ramp Zone
  • Haute Street*
  • Play Ground Hill
  • Kids Zone*
  • Recreational Zone*
  • Sky Bridge
  • Game Zone*
  • Cafe Zone*
A Few Words About Locality

Location & Neighbouring

Kachna is a sunrise location of Raipur. It has tremendous growth prospects. Will see aggressive road-building and infrastructure strengthening activity in the immediate future leading to a healthy escalation in land prices. Kachna is already serviced by an impressive list of schools, hospitals, malls and markets. It is reasonably close to the commercial areas of the city.

Market Place

Ambuja Mall

1.5 Km


Arti Vidya Bhawan

2.9 Km


MGM Hospital

1.5 Km

Railway Station

Railway Junction

8.9 Km

Higher Education

Disha Collage Raipur

2.9 Km

Bank & ATM

SBI - Saddu Branch

1.2 Km

A Few Words About


At Parksyde, we took a differentiated approach. We first designed the core green area- 2.25 acres of landscaped greens and 1.7 acres of open community space through the ramp. Only then did we embark on the design of the towers and living area. The landscape design was addressed by the New York-based firm Grain Collective, an agency dedicated to the creation of successful, aesthetic and experientially diverse open environments.

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